EvidenceWorks® from Capita is a suite of solutions developed to support Police and Criminal Justice organisations with the management of digital evidence. Alongside the market-leading Digital Interview recording platform EvidenceWorks® is proven to provide a secure, open and scalable network repository for the management of Digital Evidence including the capability to ingest, catalogue, store, analyse and share media from multiple sources.

EvidenceWorks® Solutions

Digital Evidence Management

Multi-media evidential management to support the digital future of policing to effectively capture, ingest, secure, analyse, use and share all potentially evidential material.

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Interview Recording

Market-leading recording solution, fixed or portable, delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and ultimately, nationally.

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Body Worn Video

Brings a new, secure and integrated approach to the management of Body Worn Video to Police Forces as part of a holistic and coherent approach to the management of all digital media and evidence.

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