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As a leading supplier of Records Management Systems to both Police and the Criminal Justice sector, and the market leader in networked Digital Interview systems in the UK, Capita has used this knowledge and experience to develop EvidenceWorks®.

EvidenceWorks® is an enterprise-wide digital evidence management technology platform that provides a secure, open and scalable solution for the management of Digital Evidence for UK and international Criminal Justice agencies. This includes the capability to ingest, catalogue, store, analyse and share media from multiple sources:

  • Interfaces to multiple controlled sources of media
  • Ability to handle media from uncontrolled sources either through direct interfaces or via third party solutions
  • Fully MoPI compliant
  • Integrated with Records Management Systems and other existing Police systems
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Full search, retrieve, edit and share functionality
  • Full access, security and activity audits

EvidenceWorks® provides a single, networked repository with the capacity to store, secure and replay media collected from a range of sources including:

  • Digital Interviews – either EvidenceWorks® IRS or third party devices
  • Body Worn Video
  • Crime Scene imagery
  • CCTV
  • Mobile phone pictures and videos and other public-provided media
  • ANPR and other in-vehicle video
  • Documents

All items, once stored are audited and can be watermarked to provide added security as well as being able to be added to digital case files and forwarded to Criminal Justice partner agencies.

EvidenceWorks® is the market leading digital evidence management platform and is deployed successfully across many police forces; it is also available for procurement via the Government Digital Marketplace.

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