EvidenceWorks® fully integrates with leading record management systems (RMS) via an Open Standards web service-based API.

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How it works

We are dedicated to ensuring customers get the best from their EvidenceWorks solution. To achieve this, we offer API specifications for third parties to develop against and will work alongside these third parties to implement, and extend if required, an end-to-end interface with their existing RMS.

EvidenceWorks® fully integrates with multiple RMS including Niche, the market leading RMS solution in the UK and North America.

Why integrate?

Integrating EvidenceWorks® with your RMS system offers significant efficiency savings thanks to:

  • Reduced data entry
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased user speed and efficacy
  • A seamless user interface.

Key features of EvidenceWorks® integration

  • Automatic updates to the RMS – once an RMS reference is added within EvidenceWorks®, this automatically updates the relevant RMS records
  • Lookup of RMS data to add to DEM metadata – for example, by searching for a custody reference, a user can automatically populate the relevant EvidenceWorks® file with associated RMS information including officer information and suspect offence details without the need for rekeying
  • Single update when adding digital evidence to an RMS reference – users can select a link within their RMS to add digital evidence against a record. This brings up an EvidenceWorks® window to upload and tag the evidence, without leaving the RMS record in question. Both systems are then updated with the new content
  • Search and view digital evidence from the RMS – evidence files can be searched, opened, viewed and prepared for court via a direct link to EvidenceWorks® that sits within an RMS record containing digital evidence.


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