Capita approved for national Body Worn Video Framework

Capita Secure Digital Solutions announced today, 12th May 2015, that it has been approved by the East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit to join the UK’s first national Body Worn Video (BWV) framework. The framework offers police forces across the country with a range of pre-approved BWV suppliers to allow faster, more cost effective and efficient procurement of solutions.

BWV is used to record interactions with the public and gather video evidence at crime scenes. Capita, along with the other approved suppliers, completed a rigorous selection process, being approved for Lots 3 and 4. Lot 3, ‘BWV storage management software’, comprises a catalogue of fixed price software that oversees the storage of evidence. Lot 4, ‘full BWV solution’, will allow suppliers to compete for the provision of solutions that are tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Capita’s EvidenceWorks® solution for digital evidence management provides a fully secure, integrated repository not just for BWV but also for other digital sources such as interviews, CSI images and CCTV.

Paul Whitehall, commercial officer at East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit, said: “This framework will be hugely beneficial to police forces across the country, offering them reliable, pre-approved solutions that deliver best value for money.”

Tom Edmonds, product manager at Capita Secure Digital Solutions, said: “Capita has a great heritage in the police sector. We currently supply EvidenceWorks® to around 20 police forces across the UK for, primarily, digital interview recording. Our solution will allow forces to benefit from BWV with the reassurance that any evidence captured can easily be accessed, shared and secured stored alongside other digital media.”

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