The Belleville Police Service in Ontario Canada, becomes the first Canadian client for EvidenceWorks®

In partnership with Integrys Ltd, based in Mississaugua, Ontario, Capita Secure Solutions & Services, based in Wiltshire, UK, today announces that Belleville Police Service, Ontario, Canada has awarded a contract for the supply of EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution to replace a number of legacy recording units and take the first step towards transforming their technology to manage evidence gathered from a range of different digital media sources.

Capita and Integrys will be supplying both fixed interview room units and recording software licences for installation on laptop computers. These new systems will provide both audio and video recording and the portable unit will enable officers to record interviews when away from the Service’s stations.

Chief Ron Gignac, Belleville Police Service, said: “You cannot cross a river by looking at it or talking about it. The Belleville Police have conducted thorough market wide research on how to best advance our technological applications for policing. We have formed this industry leading technology solutions partnership to do just that. I am excited about leapfrogging into this next dimension of innovation in having the Belleville Police spearhead the next generation of advanced policing technological solutions. It will dramatically increase our effectiveness in all realms of public safety. Our goal of having “Belleville- The safest Community in Ontario” was a key factor in making this decision to partner with Integrys/Capita. They are proven leaders in this field with a solid track record of success throughout the public safety and security industry at an international level.”

John Strain, Business Director – Digital Evidence Solutions, Capita, said: “Capita is delighted to be working with Integrys to deliver our EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution to Belleville Police Service, the first service in Canada to sign up to our suite, and look forward to building a long term partnership with this forward-looking client”

EvidenceWorks® has been developed as a secure, scalable suite capable of managing multiple sources of digital media from interview rooms, Body Worn Video from a range of camera providers and CCTV to items provided by the public from mobile phones or in-vehicle dashcams and is an ideal platform from which to build a centralised repository to support increasing forms of digital evidence being captured by the police. EvidenceWorks® can be deployed on-premise or into an existing cloud service agreement where required to support a Service’s IT strategy.

Capita and Integrys will be exhibiting EvidenceWorks® at the upcoming Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Information, Communication and Technology Committee Workshop taking place in Vancouver, BC between 25th and 28th February 2018.

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