EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording

EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution (IRS) is the market leading and proven digital interview recording technology in use with over 15 UK Police forces and Criminal Justice agencies. Over 1000 EvidenceWorks® IRS units have managed 1 million recordings across the UK and is the widest used networked interview recording solution in the UK.

As part of the EvidenceWorks® suite, EvidenceWorks® IRS delivers significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and ultimately, nationally.

The EvidenceWorks® IRS solution is fit-for-purpose in all environments where interviews are recorded, whether audio only or audio and video, in Custody suites, Public Protection/ Vulnerable Witness suites or as a portable solution for use in other locations.

EvidenceWorks® IRS provides:

  • State-of-the-art digital interview recording devices for use in all configurations, both fixed and portable, reducing training needs, hardware support costs and spares requirements
  • Flexible deployment options from delivery of standalone devices to regional, networked collaborative interview configurations
  • Recording software deployable on Capita’s fit-for-purpose hardware or, if required, on commercially available PC, laptop or tablet platforms
  • Proven network security, storage and management applications
  • Unique, open standard web service integration with Record Management Systems
  • Interoperability using open standard interfaces to support regional collaboration
  • Built-in business information (metadata) capture in both standalone and integrated operations
  • Automated pre-populated, transcription support for MG15 templates using captured metadata
  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen operation providing one-touch recording and internal microphones
  • Adjacent Room monitoring as standard and remote monitoring when deployed in a networked environment
  • ISO20000-1 accredited 24/7/365 support service

Benefits of removing physical media

  • Reduced officer time handling DVDs
  • Reduced risk of data loss and potential consequences
  • Removed transportation costs
  • Removed media procurement costs
  • Removed need for library management and storage of physical media for new interviews, plus issues associated with media degradation
  • Streamlined workflow direct to transcribers — no transportation lag for urgent interviews
  • Reduced re-keying and improved data quality of interview metadata via integration with force Records Management systems from recording device

Benefits to operations

  • Remote monitoring of live interviews anywhere on the shared network — critical interviews can be monitored by senior/supervising officers without the need to travel
  • Facilitates playback of interviews at the desktop for officers and investigation teams without having to retrieve or copy media
  • Full audit trail of access to interviews & enterprise security model — with fine grained functional and data access control
  • Streamlined, software supported, MoPI management of interviews for review, retention or deletion decisions
  • Transcription support for case file production — pre-populated forms
  • By investing in EvidenceWorks® IRS, a customer is not just purchasing market leading technology – Capita also has a reputation for working in partnership with its customers to ensure that solutions are implemented to deliver the transformation targeted.

    EvidenceWorks® IRS is not just a stop gap solution to meet the increasing need to migrate from analogue to digital. As part of the EvidenceWorks® suite the solution can be extended to provide a complete Digital Evidence Repository or Digital Evidence Management solution for the ongoing storage, management and analysis of any and all digital evidence components.